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Purchase Orders, Sales & Retail Price

Generally speaking, you set the retail price. However, we have preset minimum prices that guarantee you, us and the retailers fair profit contributions, i.e. you cannot go below this minimum retail price. Retailers can change the retail price you set, however, it is in their own best interest to go by the price you set. In any case: Your pay is calculated on the basis of the price that you set for your product.

In principle, the CALVENDO minimum retail prices can be changed, however, only in exceptional cases. Should production and distribution costs rise or fall dramatically, CALVENDO reserves the right to adjust minimum prices. A price change of this kind might affect the suggested retail price for products that are already on the market.

The minimum price depends on the product type (and therefore the number of pages) as well as on the product's ISBN (that is, on the main distribution area). Note: The minimum prices are recommended retail prices (RRP) to the trade. Minimum retail prices, price levels and retail prices may fluctuate according to the market situation.


  Main distribution area: Germany, Austria (German ISBN) Distribution area: other euro area, e.g. France (UK ISBN) Main distribution area: UK (UK ISBN) Distribution area: USA (UK ISBN)
Products with 14 pages        
DIN A5 product, German ISBN 20.99 € 20.99 €
DIN A4 product, German ISBN 21.99 € 21.99 €
DIN A3 product, German ISBN 31.99 € 31.99 €
DIN A2 product, German ISBN 54.90 € 54.99 €
DIN A4 product, UK ISBN 21.99 € 18.99 £ 23.99 $
DIN A3 Produkt, UK ISBN 31.99 € 26.99 £ 34.99 $
DIN A2 product, UK ISBN 54.99 €
Products with 26 pages        
Square product, German ISBN
Square product, UK ISBN 31.99 € 26.99 £ 34.99 $

Updated: April 2022

Note: French-language products are currently available only with UK ISBNs.

Because this would lead to losses. The minimum price guarantees everyone fair profit contributions – you, us and the retailers.

Goods that are subject to retail price maintenance may only be sold at the price (fixed retail price) that is assigned to them by the manufacturer. In other words, no matter where a customer purchases the goods, she or he always pays the same price; retailers are not permitted to reduce the price and they may not give a discount.

Retail price maintenance has increasingly lost significance over the past decades, yet it remains firmly in place for publishing products in Germany and France.

In Germany, calendars are not subject to the fixed book price agreement, whereas poster books (Flipart) are.

Please find below definitions of the terms used around prices:

  • suggested retail price (SRP): the price (incl. sales tax) that you, as the producer, suggest the retailer should ask when selling your calendar;
  • retail price, sales price, sticker price: the price the consumer pays when buying your product;
  • buying price: the price a retailer pays to CALVENDO; from CALVENDO’s perspective, this is the selling price; from the perspective of the retailer, this is the buying price;
  • minimum price: the retail price that is set by CALVENDO, a price that you cannot go below when setting your retail price;
  • publisher’s net price: this is what is left of the retail price after subtraction of the sales tax, the retail margin, and shipping and handling; the publisher’s net price plays an important role, for instance in the Contract of Publication.

This is largely due to the different printing locations, and they are connected with the different main distribution areas for individual CALVENDO projects.

Germany and the UK have different traditions, for instance, when it comes to paper formats: In Germany, the formats determined by the DIN (German Institute for Standardisation) play a central role. They are based on the metric system and are therefore defined in centimeters or millimeters. In the UK by contrast, the traditional unit of measurement has been the inch and in printing the inch remains a standard today. This has led to the circumstance that certain paper formats, such as square calendars (30 x 30 cm / 11.8 x 11.8 inches), can only be printed in an economically viable way for the UK, USA and France.

There is currently no option for UK users to become Calvendo calendar retailers. We will update and inform you should this change at some point in the future.

This unfortunately means that you don’t receive payment for these copies.

You will find projected figures in your account > “My Pay”. These projections are based on orders received in the previous month. Should orders not be turned into purchases later on or do so only in the following quarter, your projected pay will differ from your account statement that you’ll receive after every quarter.

Only products for which retailers have paid CALVENDO will be listed in your account statement. If damaged products are returned, orders have been cancelled or retailers have not yet paid CALVENDO, we cannot count that (yet) as a sale in your personal account statement. You only receive royalties for products that CALVENDO has received payment for.

Your products will be sold primarily in book stores and by online book retailers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and France. But retailers carrying calendars and other decorative items are also able to take orders.

No, that’s not possible. CALVENDO does not gather any consumer information because we do not sell to consumers but to retail.

There are a number of things you can do and a lot of them are actually quite easy and, moreover, won’t cost you anything. Take a look at the following resources that we provide and read our tips and suggestions:

  • Click here for our video tutorial on marketing for calendar self-publishers.
  • Have a read through the marketing tips on our website.
  • Our blog as well as our newsletter are good sources for all kinds of information on self-publishing, including marketing. It’s worthwhile keeping an eye on both!

CALVENDO calendars are print-on-demand product, so once a customer has ordered a calendar on a retailer’s website, it can take up to two weeks. This includes printing and shipping. If a retailer has taken CALVENDO products on stock – something that we cannot influence – products are usually delivered within a couple of days.

You can refer them to book retailers online or on the street. Products that have an ISBN can be ordered from any book shop in the world.

In the UK, retailers such as, or list Calvendo calendars. Please also see the product gallery where you’ll find retail links next to your calendars, including international options (BookButler button) in countries such as Germany, France and other European regions.

Should you be in a position where you sell any kind of products yourself, for example via your website, and wish to place a bulk order with CALVENDO (more than 100 copies), just write to and we’ll make you an offer.

English-language calendars are usually only available on and

UK retailers can order our products from:

Gardners Books
1 Whittle Drive
East Sussex, BN23 6QH
Tel.: +44 (0)1323 521777
Fax: +44 (0)1323 521666
Gardcall: +44 (0)1323 521444

All available titles can be found on this website in the Product Gallery as well as on

Retailers in Germany and France will find corresponding information on the German and French CALVENDO websites.

For any other enquiries, please contact

Nielsen BookData is the central database for bibliographical information in the UK and other English-speaking areas. It records product information on publications such as books and calendars and makes this information available to retailers and libraries, for example. An entry in this database means that merchandise management systems can find the product and handle orders for it.

The VLB stands for “Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher,” the list of German books in print. This basically says it all. The list has been around for 40 years, naming practically all German language publications that consumers can order. Currently the list has around 1.4 million items, published by 20,000 different publishers.