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About the Publishing House

CALVENDO is the first publisher to allow creative people to publish calendars and poster books (Flipart) that they create themselves using their own photographs, graphic art and writing. And not only that – CALVENDO also helps authors to sell their products on the international market through book stores and online book sellers.

CALVENDO produces calendars and poster books (Flipart) individually as they are ordered, as print-on-demand products. Orders generally come via book sellers (Amazon, etc.) but also via distribution partners in and outside of Germany and UK – and if you like, from you yourself.

CALVENDO offers the widest and most thematically diverse range of calendars around the world.

Publishing with CALVENDO costs authors absolutely nothing. And yet they earn up to 30 % of the revenue from each sold item.

Have we intrigued you?

Our mission

We ...

... create opportunities  for rightholders: We enable authors to turn their creativity into visible products that are sold commercially and thereby monetised, which affirms them in their work and helps them fulfill creative ambitions.

... are organisers: We turn bits into atoms. We produce sellable products that are based on an intellectual achievement.

... curate visual creative achievements.

... manage networks for creative people, automated production and sales.

... work with modern technologies (such as print-on-demand), automated workflows and innovative partners.