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Give your creative ideas a chance!

CALVENDO enables you to turn your creative ideas into something tangible. Easy and free of charge. With us, you can successfully publish high-quality wall calendars.

Here's how it works:

1.jpg  Do you have an idea?
Fill a gap in the market with your creative work or show images that amaze and touch viewers. No matter if photography, illustrations, graphic art, drawings or text, you can find unusual perspectives, create something special and make people happy.

2.jpg  Design your wall calendar
The CALVENDO online editor provides you with great tools and professional layout templates for designing your work. Simply follow our step-by-step guide, guiding you through the entire process, including image upload, designing and product descriptions. We will give you lots of tips and you’ll learn what matters when creating a calendar!

3.jpg  Submit your wall calendar for publication
Our expert jury will thoroughly check your work and decide upon publication. Should any corrections be necessary, our jury will give you suggestions and guidance how to improve your calendar, attract more buyers and improve visibility on the market.

4.jpg  Sell your finished products
Your products will be assigned ISBNs so that they can be listed and sold worldwide on online platforms. We take over production and distribution cost for you. Image rights remain with you and you will receive royalties for each calendar copy sold.


As you can see, becoming a self-publisher is easy and many creative people from all over the world people have already embarked on this journey with CALVENDO. 

We hope you enjoy working with our platform, wish you all the best and look forward to your submissions!




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