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Newsletter archive:

12.06.2023 Newsletter
- Take part in the first ever AI Calendar Award

12.04.2023 Newsletter

- Show us your AI-generated work.
- Use AI for improved product descriptions and metadata

25.08.2022 Newsletter
- New product presentation for your wall calendars
- Yearly “resting phase” from 1 October 2022

25.07.2022 Newsletter

- Use the PDF catalogue page for promoting calendars
- From press releases to social media

04.05.2022 Newsletter

- Current situation on the paper market
- Effects on your wall calendars

23.02.2022 Newsletter
- “Resting phase” has ended
- Calvendo stands for sustainable production

31.01.2022 Newsletter

- Getting ready for 2023
- New cover templates with modern styles

13.04.2021 Newsletter
- NEW: Online course for designing wall calendar covers
- Ten new fonts for your calendar creations
- IT system updates 2021
- Yearly “resting phase” from 1 September 2021

23.01.2021 Newsletter

- Getting ready for you 2022 calendars
- Criteria for calendar publication
- Review of Calvendo calendar range