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Experiencing CALVENDO

This is what some of our authors say about CALVENDO:

"I love the set up Calvendo has put together.
It gives the artist a lot of freedom in developing the look of the finished product. As I inserted the images I could immediately see which art would work better than others. I have a marketing background and realize when someone buys a calendar with my images and hangs it on their wall, I’m basically creating an advertising opportunity for anyone who passes by that calendar every single day for the next year. That’s valuable!
Also, the Calvendo platform is very user friendly. You just need some high quality images and away you go! I hope to continue working with the company as it grows and expands."

JJ Galloway, painter and figure artist

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"I think the Calvendo set up is very well guided and self explanatory. The concept is great for artists wanting to create calendars without all the admin and distribution work you would have to do. Instead you get to do what you are best at.

Nadia Attura, award winning artist & fine art photographer

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"I really enjoyed putting together the two calendars I've done so far, I found it very easy to create the calendars. Once I had finished them they were really helpful in promoting my products on social media. The Calvendo UK team were also very helpful and quick to respond when I emailed them. I will definitely be creating more calendars in the next season!"

Dex Hannon, painter & photographer

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"I was introduced to Calvendo by an article in the Royal Photographic Society magazine which impressed me. I had a number of recent photos which used to be called stock photos languishing on the computer as well as more impressive images which I wanted to share.
A calendar is a good way of showing your work to a far larger audience with all sorts of possible future avenues. It's definitely worth giving it a go if you have a twelve or thirteen images which might make a nice calendar.
You have nothing to lose because if the idea or pictures are not any good it won’t get published. Greater fun trying, though!"

Mark Cooper
, photographer

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Rory Image.jpg
"The product is professional and high quality and it doesn’t take long to get onto Amazon. I like the formats available and sizes. The software is great to use (once you get the hang of it) and the feedback always quick, to the point and helpful. For any photographers out there thinking about it, I’d say go for it. There’s nothing to lose. I’m still new to the process but looking forward to doing much more with Calvendo."

Rory Garforth, photographer

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dee photo.jpeg
"Calvendo is a wonderful way of showcasing my work and the whole procedure is user friendly, very professional and looks great. My experience while creating my calendar with Calvendo was great once I figured how to assemble my pictures on each page correctly. The templates are very easy and straightforward to use. I like Calvendo because it’s a wonderful self-publishing platform, easy to use and its all publicity to help get my work recognised even more. The calendars are of very high quality and it’s a beautiful professional product."

Dee Sweeney, photographer

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"Creating my calendars with Calvendo was painless, straightforward and easy, just the uploading somewhat tedious, but it always will be. There’s a choice of formats, layout and lettering style which all help.  I’m grateful for the acceptance of my calendars, and impressed with being given ISBN numbers and links to Amazon. I’m also impressed with the number of distributors and outlets across Europe where my calendars are available. They seem to be on about fourteen websites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. I’m thankful as well for the exposure, coverage and range of contacts that Calvendo has given. I’m proud to be called a 'published author', on Amazon at least. So, thank you very much, Calvendo!"

Brian Ross Haslam, photographer

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Lucy Antony.jpg

"I had produced my calendars for presents in the past and was looking for a calendar company online. Calvendo was exactly the right sort of platform for me. The template system is very easy to use.  It's great fun, and once you are used to the system, you can create your calendars very quickly. The comments made by the jury are constructive, meaning better results."

Lucy Antony/Loose Images, photographer

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Dave Knowles.jpg
"I found Calvendo whilst browsing the web and thought self-publishing would be a good opportunity to show off my work whilst at the same time improving my financial status. I looked at the high standards of other photographers work on Calvendo and thought this would be good opportunity for me! Calvendo is an impressive and easy system to use once you have become used to its requirements, and there’s a great help team with friendly guidance."

Dave Knowles, photographer

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Chris Ford.jpg
"I’ve reached that age in life where I’m not so worried about having to impress anyone; I’m more interested in sharing that which I capture. I’d seen Calvendo calendars in online shops such as Amazon in the recent past and seeing an advertisement to create one on my Facebook feed, I couldn’t resist. I’m not the most 'tech savvy' guy when it comes to using online tools, no matter how well laid out in pre-created templates. But perseverance along with direct advice and answers by the Calvendo team to my many questions enabled me to create my first calendar. Tips for newcomers? Stick with it, your patience will win out in the end. Calvendo as a publishing medium is quite broad in the execution of its product, offering large sized A3 calendars as well as smaller calendars of varying formats (square, portrait or landscape mode). This is a particular feature that appeals to any visual medium artist."

Chris Ford, photographer

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