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Marketing Tips

Do everything you can do to make your CALVENDO product a complete success!

There are many possibilities:

Approach people directly

  • Make a point of speaking with the owner of your local book store to get your product on their shelves. The book store owner can place orders daily through our sales department or through wholesalers (see Retail).
  • Ask your online customers to give your product a rating or write a review.
  • Tell your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues just how active you are in self-publishing.
  • The perfect gift: With your work you can give someone something truly unique.


Your online presence

  • Create a website or blog about your work
  • Get involved in online communities that discuss your subject.
  • Use your email signature to point to your products.
  • On Amazon, create an author profile through Author Central.
  • Add product images on Amazon that show, for example, your calendar on someone's wall.


Social Networking

  • Use social networking such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to spread the news. Take the link that you find in the Product Gallery, and show some example images.
  • Create and share a product trailer on, for example, YouTube or Instagram.




  • Send a press release to the local press, to relevant media and blogs. Let us know when a write-up about your work gets published: We will be happy to refer to it on our communication channels.
  • Offer to give talks and interviews for blogs, newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Participate in competitions and exhibitions.

We are constantly working to expand and improve these tips.

Many CALVENDO authors have told us their marketing success stories. We look forward to your feedback!

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