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Zakynthos - the Lovely Island

The Ionian island of Zakynthos at a glance

Product description

Zakynthos - Steep cliffs and high rock faces, lush greenery, numerous beautiful bays with light sand and the crystal clear blue water of the Ionian Sea make the island a real paradise for all sun and beach lovers. Highlights of Zakynthos are the shipwreck at Navagio Beach and the breeding grounds of the hawksbill turtle on the island's wide sandy beaches. If you are lucky, you can even swim in the sea with the sea turtles, the mascot of Zakynthos. The lovable, picturesque island in the Ionian Sea offers interesting views in every season. Even in winter, the island is a dream for every nature lover. The island paradise offers a perfect mix of relaxation, culture and nightlife at any time. We would be happy to meet you in Greece!

Stefan O. Schueller and Elke Schueller

The 2023 edition is still available to buy. Click here for edition 2023

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