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The CALVENDO Payment System

As a CALVENDO author, you receive up to 30 % of the revenue for each of your sold items. This is calculated as follows:

Sales price

  • minus sales tax (goes directly to the tax office)
  • minus retail margin (goes directly to the retailer)
  • minus shipping and ordering costs (incurred by us)

= revenue (the amount from which you earn a percentage.)

Your payment increases exponentially with the revenue: A higher sales price not only results in payment that increases linearly, but also in a growing percentage, for example 25 % instead of 15 %. This percentage, which determines your pay, can be as high as 30% (of the revenue). In other words, Calvendo payment really becomes attractive when a product with a high sales price sells well.

Please note: When determining your payment, we calculate to the third digit after the decimal point. This is different in the payment tables and in the payment preview and may lead to slight differences in rounding. Also, it makes a (small) difference to the final sum if your product has 12 or 13 images. This means that your statement may differ by a few cents from the sum stated in the payment tables and your payment preview.

With our Payment Calculator (see tab page Prices in the Publisher) you can do a run through of how much you would earn depending on the type of product and the number of copies. You will find the numbers on which the calculation is based in our Payment Tables (on the left side of this page).

Special productions, such as personalized products made for quantity buying by industrial customers, earn you 5 % of the invoice value.

You will find further information in our FAQs, for instance about the sales tax.