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CALVENDO Publishing House Inc. (hereafter designated “CALVENDO”): Terms and Conditions

Status: April 22, 2013 (An older version of our Terms and Conditions can be viewed here: AGB 2012.)

1. Basic principle of CALVENDO

1.1 CALVENDO markets your images and/or texts as calendars (calendars, Easel Calendars (table calendars) etc.) Flipart products (e.g. poster books, Easel Flipart (stand-up mini posters)) and if applicable, further print and digital formats. You create input; we control the production and marketing systems. This makes everything simple and fast.

1.2 CALVENDO demands no fees or cost sharing. Uploads are free of charge. You earn from the first copy of printed material sold. You determine the price. You will also be involved in the profits related to digital formats. The calculation of your payment is checked each year by an accountant and is transparent.

1.3 CALVENDO gives you the exclusive right to create and market calendars, Flipart products and other such printed and digital products. You may make further use of your images, texts and other such content at any time. That is fair.

1.4 CALVENDO requires a common approach for our cooperation; hence these simply-formulated Terms and Conditions. This is partnership.

2. Scope

2.1. These Terms and Conditions [hereafter designated “(this) Agreement”)] govern the contractual relationship between CALVENDO and the creators or users (hereafter designated: “User”) of Calvendo’s Internet Platform (hereafter designated “Platform”). The Platform is used for the creation and release of images, texts, templates and other content (hereafter designated “Content”) on and offline, that is to say in various print (e.g. wall decorations, calendars, poster books (“Flipart products”)) and digital formats as products (designated “Content Products”). In addition to this Agreement, CALVENDO Payment Tables and Data Privacy Statement apply. For each calendar to be released as well as other Content Products, CALVENDO’s Contract of Publication also applies. For further information please read our Questions and Answers List (FAQ).

2.2 The CALVENDO Platform enables Users to create printed and digital Content Products and Templates or contribute to their creation, e.g. by uploading images (photos, illustrations, graphics etc.) and/or texts and/or such content as Templates, and/or by the design of Content Products on the basis of uploaded content. If created Content Products fit into CALVENDO’s publishing program and are selected for publication, CALVENDO organizes the publication and marketing in both the stationary and online trade sectors.

2.3 For the CALVENDO-user(s) business relationship only the version of this Agreement valid at the time of user confirmation, including additional provisions included in this Agreement, is effective. Agreements that deviate from this Agreement shall only be effective if they have been acknowledged in writing by CALVENDO.

3. Changes to this agreement

The user will be notified of changes to this Agreement via electronic communication in a manner permitting the user to store the changes in legible form or print them out. Changes are deemed to have been accepted if the user does not lodge an objection in writing or by electronic means within six weeks of the notification of the changes, or if he/she expressly agrees to the changes beforehand. CALVENDO will make special reference to this consequence to the user, particularly at the time of the notification.

4. Use and registration

4.1 Use of the Platform to create and search for Content Products, e.g. the operation of pa