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Sao Jorge Island of the Azores - fantastic fajas on the greenest island of Portugal

(2021 Landscape)

Experience spectacular hikes on mountain trails and old mule tracks along the cliffs.

(Monthly calendar, 14 pages )

Product description

Follow me on my trip to an European hiking paradise. The natural beauty of Sao Jorge is situated in the wild North Atlantic. It is the greenest and most pristine island of the Azores. Surrounded by high cliffs I enjoy magnificent views of the sea and the inhabited coastal plains - the fajas. They are secluded in the mild climate and sheltered from the wind at the bottom of the steep cliff. On steep cobblestone paths it is descending down several hundred altitudes, while passing numerous waterfalls to exotic orchards. Experience the characteristics of the island with aromatic wine, coffee and island cheese.

Jana Thiem-Eberitsch

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