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my name is Björn Engelke. In 2013 I was searching for a hobby to spend my time with something different besides my job as a software developer. I remembered my school days when I was participating voluntary photography lessons. So I bought my very first camera since then. As fate would have it, a public spotterday took place this year at the TktLwG 74 in Neuburg an der Donau. That day I was infected with the Aviation Photography virus. Planes especially fighter jets have been always my favorite in my youth when I read borrowed non-fiction books from the public library.
Long story short, the needle pierced my vains in 2013 and since then I try to get as much possibillities to visit air shows, spotterdays or any events with planes. Whenever it’s affordable, in reach and vacation days are still available I try to catch my potion of jet noise.


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