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The CALVENDO Payment System

As an CALVENDO author, you receive a royalty share for each of your sold copies.

The fee is fixed for each product category (calendar, puzzle, canvas) and each format and is based on the sales price of the works. The minimum sales prices of the products and thus also the minimum fees are set by CALVENDO. A higher sales price set by the author above the minimum sales price also leads to a higher fee.

The exact fee amounts can be found in our fee tables, which you can view on the left of this page for each format. The fee claim for a published work results from the CALVENDO fee table valid at the time of the conclusion of the publishing contract.

Sales of special productions (e.g. individualised calendar quantity purchases by industrial customers), remaining copies, excess quantities, trade returns, damaged copies and licensed products are remunerated at 5% of the net order value (invoice value).

There shall be no entitlement to a fee for copies which are returned unpaid by the trade after the usual sales season (e.g. from March of the following year in the case of calendars) because they are unsaleable ("returns") and for which the publisher is not paid more than the production costs when they are redistributed by other dealers.

You will find further information in our FAQs, for instance about the sales tax.