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CALVENDO – Your Calendar Publisher: This is how we work.

What do photographers, artists and writers do with 95 percent of their photos and other work? It’s a shame but the answer is: nothing!

Their work is left fallow in the archives.

So wouldn’t it be great if their most beautiful images could be published? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if they could earn money in the process?

Well, with CALVENDO, these possibilities can be turned into reality. This is how:

1. Register for free by going to My CALVENDO.

Discover the many possibilities!

2. Begin your first project with the CALVENDO Publisher.

Bring your ideas to life! The CALVENDO Publisher takes you step by step through the creation of your project – all the way to publication. Upload your images and do your layout page by page. The CALVENDO Editor offers you many great tools and professional design templates. Describe your project! Good advertising and keywords for retail catalogues are as important to the commercial success of your project as the product itself!

3. Time to check production data.

Have you thought of everything? The CALVENDO Publisher will help you by performing a final data check. It tells you whether your image resolution is sufficient for printing and whether your layout meets professional standards. If not, you will have to make adjustments. But there’s no problem there – now you know what’s needed.

4. Submit your project for publication.

All done? Then submit your project for publication! If the jury finds no fault with your project, they will release it for publication. Now your product has an ISBN and within a few days can be ordered on Amazon and other online book retailers, or through your local book shop.

5. Lean back and enjoy your success!

Your work is now being sold on Amazon and by other online book retailers as well as through local book shops – everywhere books are for sale. So it’s time to rest and be satisfied with your achievements. Or are you already busy creating your next CALVENDO project?