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The fantastic winners of the CALVENDO AI Calendar Award 2023

CALVENDO presents the winners of the first international CALVENDO AI Calendar Award - the world's first design competition for wall calendars with AI-generated images.

The three winning calendars are based not only on outstanding human ideas, but also on the additive expressive power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Of the submissions in the period May to July 2023, around 120 publications made it to the jury's final selection. This selection represented the diversity, professionalism and innovative spirit of the CALVENDO community.

Winning awards were presented in three different themed categories. The winners of each category not only receive well-deserved recognition for their work, but also get the opportunity to present their work to a wide audience at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair.

Winner of the category: Children's Calendar:
Title: "Drachenzeit ... nicht nur für Kinder" by Kerstin Hesse

Winner of the category: Calendars illustrating classics of world literature.
Title: "Reise unter dem Meer" by Sabine Löwer

Winner of the category: Medieval Fantasy Calendars
Title: "Mittelalterselfies" by Martin Jahr

"The CALVENDO AI Calendar Award shows which artistic results can already be created from the synergy of human creativity and generative AI. This interaction is still in its infancy. Twelve months ago, the technology of image generation was very buggy and inaccessible to the vast majority of users. The level achieved today is already impressive. And the technology is constantly evolving. The winning calendars could motivate more creatives to proactively engage with AI," says CALVENDO Managing Director Hans-Joachim Jauch.

The CALVENDO AI Calendar Award is not only a recognition of achievement, but also an encouragement for artists and creatives to explore the possibilities of AI-based creativity themselves, to develop new skills and, if necessary, to discover unknown horizons or future sources of income.

Here you can find the detailed presentation of the winning calendars.



Enter the CALVENDO AI Calendar Award

Are you creative and up for a new challenge? Then get creative and take part in our big AI (artificial intelligence) wall calendar competition. Win the international CALVENDO AI Calendar Award and get featured at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair!

Create original wall calendars on our CALVENDO platform using AI tools, such as Midjourney.
You can choose from three themes for your entry:

  • Children's calendar for 6- to 12-year-olds, featuring a story told in pictures that spans the whole year, i.e., calendar pages from January to December. Text can be included.
  • Calendar that illustrates classics of world literature featuring images of famous works, e.g., by Arthur Conan Doyle, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, etc.
  • Medieval fantasy calendar featuring scenes of knights and dragons, fairytale castles, etc. in a medieval look.

The three calendars that our jury will select as winners will be exhibited in the annual “Calendar Gallery” at Frankfurt Book Fair 2023. This unique wall calendar exhibition showcases the range of products available to buy to international trade visitors as well as to consumers.
We will also invite the winners to attend Frankfurt Book Fair (trip to Frankfurt and admission to fair will be covered)!
The winning calendars will be promoted on our social media channels, in our newsletter and our online shop.

More information on how to enter the competition!



CALVENDO offers AI and computer artists a free platform to showcase and sell their AI-generated works

Generating images with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Dall-E 2 or Stable Diffusion is all the rage. Users are curious and the creative potential in synthetic image generation seems unlimited. Munich-based publishing house Calvendo, a free, innovative platform enabling creative people such as photographers to monetise their work, is therefore now actively encouraging AI and computer artists to use their AI-generated designs for the creation of wall calendars and canvas prints on the platform and submit them for publication . These are curated by a jury to ensure a high standard of quality. Approved submissions are listed internationally for sale on retail sites such as Amazon , and upon order, Calvendo produces the wall calendars and canvas prints in a high-quality digital print-on-demand process. For each copy of their work sold, creators receive a fixed fee. CALVENDO is thus one of the first to provide a platform for AI artists to showcase and sell their work. The site is available in German, English and French.



Launch of new layout editor

Great news: Calvendo has a new (flashless) layout editor! Keeping and, most importantly, developing the previous version was not feasible anymore as Adobe will “retire” Adobe Flash in December 2020, and the tech team has put a lot of time and effort into programming the new tool. Where ever possible, we have tried to keep layout processes as you know them as well as retain popular design elements, plus adding a few new functionalities here and there.

The Calvendo team has been busy testing the new online editor, supported by beta testers from our calendar maker community who provided valuable suggestions. After lots of refining and modifying the new layout tool is now live, and we are aware that not everything is running 100% smoothly yet. Such a launch is always a challenge but we have already managed to iron out some hiccups and want to thank you for your patience in this period! We hope you quickly get used to our new editor, enjoy working with it and please, feel free to contact our technical support with any questions.



Coronavirus update: current situation at CALVENDO

  • Our website is running as normal and you can create and submit your calendar projects without any restrictions. Our home office based jury will review all your work and our support will get back to you in case of any questions.
  • Due to the coronavirus situations, there are restrictions with regards to general business operations in relation to retailers, suppliers, production facilities and service providers who are working with less staff and short-time work regulations in place, which also affects Calvendo. We're trying our best to react flexibly to any daily developments.



Calvendo goes USA

Exciting news: Calvendo has embarked on a USA test project and started retailing calendars as an marketplace seller. For the past few years, we have repeatedly looked into options to distribute your calendars in the USA alongside our core markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and France. However, the very expensive and slow export from Europe has so far very much restricted the distribution of Calvendo products in the USA.  

Then, this autumn, a couple of decisive factors came together that now finally allow us to “go USA”: We found a powerful US printing company to produce Calvendo calendars and we were invited by to sell on their platform. While it was actually already too late in the year to get such a large project on the way, we have still made the decision to plunge in, re-arrange our priorities and test this new distribution channel in the 2018/2019 season.

This means that most Calvendo calendar can now be ordered by US customers via the marketplace. Production and shipping are undertaken by a printing company in the North of the USA on behalf of Calvendo. To start with, the stated delivery times are a bit longer than in Europe as we don’t have the relevant experience with logistics in the USA yet and want to avoid disappointments.

What does this mean for Calvendo authors? Obviously, the US market offers new sales opportunities for your calendars. At the same time, we know that it takes two to three seasons before distribution and sales in a new market really work, i.e., until the test becomes routine. It is also worth noting that all erotic calendars cannot be produced by our US partner because of differing moral standards so that they will continue to be exported from Europe. In a nutshell: Please don’t expect any spectacular US sales surges but, together with us, look forward to the test results of our US adventure!



Holiday period: Calvendo jury on a break

From 20 December 2017 to 7 January 2018 including, our jury will be on a break and new calendars submitted during this period will therefore not be assessed immediately. You can, of course, continue to set up projects and submit them. Because of the Christmas holiday period, it will simply take a bit longer than you’re used to before you will receive feedback from the jury. And: should you wish to make any changes to already published calendars, you’ll have to wait until 16 February 2018.

Why? Because (online) retailers who’ve taken your calendars in their programme don’t have the resources to update their products during the busy sales season that we’re in now, and in order to avoid any de-listings, we keep this “resting period” for alterations. However, new work can always be created throughout the year!




"Resting period" finished

The 2017 calendar sales period is more or less over, and we just wanted to quickly let you know that the “resting period” for already published calendars has finished. This means that from now on and until September you can modify and optimise your published works.

In order to do so, go to “Projects approved by CALVENDO” under “My Projects” and click on the blue button with the pen symbol to open a project in edit mode. Should your calendar not have been updated to 2018 dates yet, it will automatically be assigned a 2018 calendar grid when editing it and, once it has been released by the jury, also a new ISBN.

Please note that every change to a project, no matter how small, requires resubmission to the jury for their assessment and approval. Current evaluation criteria apply and over the past couple of years quality standards have risen, i.e. there’s no automatic guarantee that your updated project will again be released by the jury.


Our sights are firmly set on 2018 ...

… and our IT is getting ready to start the automatic calendar update procedure in order to change the dates of your published calendars to 2018. We’re speeding this process up this year in order to make all products available as early as possible. Here are a few important facts and figures for you:

  • Calvendo does assess the marketability of each published calendar 36 months (at the latest) after its first publication date (see also our FAQs: Submitting and Publishing my Work -> point 14). Should you have published calendars with Calvendo in 2014, you’ll therefore be notified in the next few weeks if and when 2018 editions of your calendars (including new ISBNs) will be published and made available to retailers. Should sales for a calendar have been very low or non-existent in the past, Calvendo will not continue publishing it for 2018. Such calendars will be removed from our range of products during the course of 2017.
  • Published projects can currently not be modified. This “resting period” will last until 15 February. We’d also like to ask you not to try and update your calendar dates manually afterwards since the calendar update process is automated. In this context, please bear in mind that only calendars that have been set up with a flexible calendar grid (i.e. if you have ticked the “flexible calendar grid box “), will be part of this automatic procedure.
  • If you set up a new calendar project now, it will automatically be assigned a 2018 calendar grid
  • You will also find projects that you have started last year or even before but not submitted to the jury yet with 2018 calendar dates in your account under “Projects in progress”.
  • Last but not least, 2017 calendars are still being sold by retailers at the moment and based on experience, this period will last until the beginning of March. At the end of this month, you will find projected sales figures for December 2016 in your account.


New Calvendo homepage

If you haven’t done so already, we’d like to invite you to take a look at our new Calvendo homepage, How do you like its new look? We’re interested in your feedback: take part in our quick survey and let us know what you think!


Holiday period: Calvendo Jury on a break