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Dogs rocking outfits

Stylish dogs in clothing

Product description

A funny calendar named Dogs Rocking Outfits you see here. This humourous collection showcases our furry noses fashionistas in the most stylish and trendy outfits, guaranteed to make your heart melt. Each month features a charismatic canine confidently strutting their stuff in a fabulous ensemble, proving that dogs can rock fashion just as well as any human. From dapper bow ties to sassy tutus, these adorable pooches will leave you in awe of their impeccable style. Whether it's hanging in your office, kitchen, or bedroom, this funny calendar will definitely be a conversation starter. It's a delightful gift for dog lovers, fashion enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the art of cuteness. Don't miss out on this opportunity to brighten up your year with these fashion-forward pups. Let their charm and style bring a smile to your face every month.

Liselotte Brunner-Klaus
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300 × 300 mm
31.99 €

each 14 Pages

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